Established in 2012, Suzhou Donglaide Lighting Co., Ltd. has established professional research institutes such as indoor, outdoor, power supply, industrial design and light engine, and established with many universities such as Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and University of Electronic Science and Technology. A partnership. The company has gathered a group of experienced engineers in the fields of optics, structural design, thermals and electronics. It is committed to research and development of LED-related products with independent intellectual property rights, and has established a product patent pool. It has applied for LED applications with international certification. Core patent.

       East Ryder Lighting has a complete R&D system, manufacturing system, marketing system and strict quality control system. It has LED chip packaging, product mold development, finished product manufacturing, light efficiency analysis, environmental reliability testing, lighting application solutions and other industries. The chain advantage guarantees the excellent quality and worry-free application of the product.





Excellent r&d and manufacturinga




East Ryder Lighting LED Packaging Process and Advantages:

1. Imported Japanese CANON, US KS\ASM packaging machine;

2. The copper-plated silver bracket is used to ensure the reliability and stability of the welding wire;

3. The double gold wire with a gold content of 99.99% in Japan is used, and the conduction performance is superior;

4, the patented fluorescent rubber sealant, using the United States United States and the United States luminous energy storage phosphor plus Dow Corning organic silica gel, on the basis of protecting the wafer and gold wire, the light efficiency is increased by 30%;

5, innovative slicmolding film technology, uniform light color, high yield;

6, using a new washing and cutting technology, the high yield of lamp beads;

7, high-precision splitting and color separation machine, effectively distinguish the same color of the same color lamp beads;

8, 24 hours red ink penetration test, from the source to ensure the quality of the lamp.

East Ryde Lighting owns advanced advanced test center, introduces international advanced high-precision test equipment and instruments, and has high-precision optical test, product surface inspection, environmental reliability test, life lighting and FA failure analysis, etc. High quality, high efficiency and stability.