Mining Lights-B

  • Category:
    Industrial lighting

  • Core advantages:
    Adopt 3030 lamp beads, high brightness, low light decay, large current margin, long lamp life; heat sink material is formed by die-casting aluminum, and the temperature of the lamp rises. No more than 30 degrees, the lens uses German Bayer

  • Applicable places:
    Factory lighting, exhibition hall lighting, sports tube lighting, indoor and outdoor venues, public corridors





                                                                                                                           Mining Lights-B

Model Power  Voltage  Light effect  Ra Luminous Angle Diameter
DS-GK-B 100W AC90-305V  50/60Hz 130lm/W >80 50°/90°/120°/150° φ280mm
DS-GK-B  150W AC90-305V  50/60Hz 130lm/W ≥80 50°/90°/120°/150° φ340mm
DS-GK-B  200W AC90-305V  50/60Hz 130lm/W ≥80 50°/90°/120°/150°  φ400mm