Bean Gall Lights

  • Category:
    Commercial lighting

  • Core advantages:
    Aluminum-cold forged radiator, glazed high-gloss or baking varnish, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, the reflection rate of the illuminating cup is over 80%, no dark spots in the spot, the concentrating effect is obvious, and the cold for

  • Applicable places:
    Suitable for large-scale long-time lighting places such as exhibition halls / hotels / supermarkets / specialty stores




型号  功率  电压  显指 开孔 光通量
DS-DD-YF107 7W AC220-240V ≥80 110x110mm 600lm
DS-DD-YF115  15W AC100-240V ≥80 125x125mm 1200ml
DS-DD-YF122  22W AC100-240V ≥80 165x165mm  1800lm






型号  功率  电压  显指 开孔 光通量
DS-DD-Y2F107 2x7W AC220-240V ≥80 205x110mm 1200lm
DS-DD-Y2F115  2x15W AC100-240V ≥80 235x125mm 2400ml
DS-DD-Y2F122 2x22W AC100-240V ≥80 315x165mm  3600lm






型号  功率  电压  显指 开孔 光通量
DS-DD-Y3F107 3x7W AC220-240V ≥80 330x133mm 1800lm
DS-DD-Y3F115  3x15W AC100-240V ≥80 370x147mm 3600ml
DS-DD-Y3F122 3x22W AC100-240V ≥80 487x185mm  5400lm