Established in October 2013, Suzhou D-LED Lighting Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating LED production, R&D and sales; engaged in engineering installation and maintenance of related products; design and consulting services for lighting solutions; The overall design of energy-saving renovation, EMC and construction. Products are mainly used in industrial lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, home lighting and other fields. Based on the company's professional technical team, relying on the team's professional and technical experience, to provide customers with professional, efficient lighting solutions and technical support.

DS connecting Lighted is a self-owned brand of Suzhou D-LED Lighting Co., Ltd. It is jointly established by domestic senior lighting industry experts, Dr. Japanese returnees, China thousand experts plan, international senior communication industry experts, and domestic senior Android & IOS system development team. Across the lighting industry, communications industry, industrial control industry, APP&APK software industry, nearly 100 people R & D team, gather elites from all walks of life, gather the most advanced technology concepts and aesthetic concepts to create the most perfect product and service experience.

D-LED lighting includes smart home lighting, smart lighting fixtures, intelligent wireless controllers and other major categories, with the full production chain capacity of the listed company Dongshan Precision (002384), providing users with exceptional excellence, noble and elegant professional Lighting service.

In the era of LED lighting, D-LED lighting will work along with you to create a bright future along with the perfect “light and space” along the road of energy saving and environmental protection.